My beautiful 18-year-old daughter Mikhaila died on MAY 5, 2012 from a prescription drug overdose.  My world is forever changed…

Join me on a journey of discovery and healing by gaining a better understanding of the conditions that resulted in her addiction to prescription drugs, and exploring what can be done to prevent another young life from being lost in such a senseless way.

Celebrate / Grieve / Mourn

Daughter, sister, friend… personal stories from friends and family, pictures, videos, comments, posts, links and more.  Learn about her loving nature, her giving spirit and compassion for others.

Educate / Inform / Discuss

A resource of information on addiction, mental health, coping skills, illegal and legal drug use, drug prevention, intervention, recovery, reference to other sources, support, encouragement or on any other topic that helps those that struggle with addiction and other forms of mental illness and conditions, including family and friends.

Lobby / Petition / Reform

Explore, identify and petition for reform current policies, laws, regulations, or any other established legislation contributing to the growing epidemic of drug addiction and other mental health issues.

It is my mission to help those that want it,

offer knowledge to those that seek it,

and instill hope to those that lack it.

PLEASE feel free to post, comment, reply, or share about anything on this blog.



This site is not intended to provide and does not constitute medical, legal, or other professional advice. The content on Chasing Mikhaila is designed to support, not replace, medical or psychiatric treatment. If you believe you may have a condition, please seek qualified professional care.

5 thoughts on “Home

  1. My sympathies for the loss of your beautiful daughter. I know how difficult this past year must have been for your family, and commend you for speaking out and providing information. Thank you.

    • Thank you so much. It HAS been difficult on so many levels. I feel comfort in spreading the word and helping others with their issues. I keep her alive in this way. thank you.

  2. My sympathies to your family… I came very close to having the same thing happen not with prescription drugs but drugs either way the irony of it is my daughter is 19 and her name is also mikhaila spelt the same way…we got a call a while back that my daughter had overdosed on “molly” luckily enough within days of her discharge from hospital we had her in rehab… she came home in july so far she is doing great working and living at home with us however I worry everytime she goes out that it’s going to start again we had months of turmoil because she was on drugs prior to the overdose… this whole thing started with raves she dabbled in drugs before in school but it was when she turned 18 and started going to rave type clubs in dallas is when it got bad. She is now having issues with anxiety and panic attacks something they think she may have always had but shut the anxiety down by using drugs mikhaila was a straight A student in beta club and an honor student as well as a varsity cheerleader she is the oldest of 4 children drugs can happen to any family and when it does it can tear any family apart… the road to her recovery has been difficult for everyone. I thank God everyday she is still with us knowing how close we came to losing her I am truly sorry for your loss. Beautiful girl gone to soon!!!

  3. Raquel made me realize a few things. I fear for my sisters life and the lives of my niece and nephew. Sarah had described many things to “us” of the events that have transpire since she moved here. I apologize for my words and actions! I fear and am sadden that from what I know. I will never state words online. It was an only brothers desperation to protect Her and Her children at any costs. I will have to do all I can elsewhere. Again, my apologizes! And “PLEASE” do what is best for her and her children and just stop. Please.

  4. I am not addicted to drugs, but I am 24 years sober in AA. I am trying to help a friend of mine get free from heroin. So I have been searching for other ways. The treatment center thing is a business, based on relapse. Terrible success rate. And if an addict comes off heroin, stays clean for a while, there is a huge risk for overdose, since their mind is still wanting to use at the last dose they used. Deadly.
    Anyway, I have investigated this stuff called Iboga, or Ibogaine. It is an African herb that has been used at least in central america for more than 25 years.The doctor that I spoke with here in Antigua has personally supervised Iboga for 20 years. From all the YouTube videos and research articles on it, Iboga removes all trace of the craving and shortenss and reduces the severity of withdrawal. The last patient the Dr had at NaturesTreatmentCenter.com said that after 5 days after Iboga, he felt like he had never taken heroin at all, ever. Its not an easy process, according to the doctor here (https://www.facebook.com/groups/819757211464361/823525054420910/?notif_t=group_activity), the patient needs to be totally supervised every minute for the first week.
    Also they say Iboga is only half the process. the other half is helping the addict get at the inner issues that caused him to like the addictive process. Otherwise, a person can be healed, have a transformational inner experience and go home and get hungry for a different easier softer way. Drinking, other drugs, etc.
    However, this is a new concept to me. To be freed from the cravings and the nightmare withdrawal. This center near me has a Facebook page as well that is loaded with articles on Iboga, Ibogaine and how it works. I am so surprised to hear about this new, yet very very old herb. No suboxone, methadone or Buprenorphine. Just one dose of Iboga, one week of intense supervision, another of moderate supervision.

    Please let me know if you have heard of this and if so, what do you think of this? I feel so strange asking this of a complete stranger, yet since it is not a patented drug, its success is kept well hidden.

    Thank you for your time,
    Barb Long

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