The Power of Poise: How to Stop Losing Your Cool

Today’s super-terrific-fun word of the day is…………….POISE

Poise (n) \ˈpȯiz\
1: a stably balanced state : equilibrium <a poise between widely divergent impulses — F. R. Leavis>
2a : easy self-possessed assurance of manner : gracious tact in coping or handling; also : the pleasantly tranquil interaction between persons of poise <no angry outbursts marred the poise of the meeting>
2b : a particular way of carrying oneself : bearing, carriage — feeling poised.


Meet Five People Serving Draconian Drug Sentences Thanks To Mandatory Minimum Laws

The man who sold his own pain pills to an informant

John Horner had no record of drug-dealing when he was sentenced to a 25-year mandatory minimum prison term for selling some of his own pain pills to an undercover informant who befriended him and told him he could not afford both his rent and his prescription medication.

The nominal player who earned a triple life sentence

Clarence Aaron was sentenced to three life-in-prison terms for his nominal role in a cocaine deal of introducing two dealers to one another for a fee of $1,500.

The medical marijuana grower

Chris Williams was running a Montana medical marijuana dispensary that was considered a model of compliance with state law when his dispensary was raided by federal agents.  Faced 85 years.

The low-level courier

On four occasions, he ferried money and crack between dealers, for a total payment of $140. Solely because of the quantity of drugs involved, and because he had previous offenses for possession, he received a five-year mandatory minimum sentence.

“Guilty by association”

Mandy Martinson had slid into meth addiction after living with an abusive boyfriend. When she left her boyfriend, she moved in with a drug dealer who had a steady supply of methamphetamine. After a police search of their home, they were both charged and Mandy’s boyfriend testified against her at trial, saying that she assisted him, and that she possessed the gun found in the home. Ultimately, she was charged as both a conspirator and with possession of the gun, yielding a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years, while her boyfriend was given just 12 years, even though the judge acknowledged at sentencing that she was subject to her boyfriend’s direction and control.

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10 Life-Changing Facts About Anger

Yes, it’s normal to feel angry – you are human, after all. But if anger causes problems in your life – if it interferes with your health and happiness – then consider these 10 life-changing facts.


1. It’s easier to feel anger than hurt.

Dig deeper and you will find hurt, pain, or fear.

2. Anger has a strong physical component.

 Be real with your physical sensations, and eventually the anger will stop controlling you.

3. Perfectionists are angry.

Then take an honest look at what you are saying to yourself. You will undoubtedly find a repetitive loop playing in your mind that is harsher than you might imagine

4. Stories sustain anger.

Yes, what happened happened. But how much longer are you going to let it be your ball and chain?

5. Anger comes from an overblown sense of self-importance.

Often, what underlies anger are statements like, “I’m right” and “I want my way.”  Ask yourself: Am I really right? Does this wanting to be right serve me – and others?

6. Anger causes separation.

Anger pushes people away, scares them, makes them fight back or shut down. Relationships don’t have room to breathe when they are defined by anger. “How could you?” “You shouldn’t have…” Sound familiar?

7. Anger gets attention.

Consider this: there may be other ways for you to express yourself so that you are heard. Open up your mind and heart to all the possibilities.

8. Unexplored anger can mute your experience of life.

 Exploring the seeds of anger can enliven you to all of life.

9. Anger can transform into useful action.

Meet your anger with love and let your heart break open. Then move forward with actions that are wise and skillful.

10. Anger traps you.

If you dwell in the energetic sensations and convince yourself that your thoughts are true, anger overtakes you.

10 Life-Changing Facts About Anger, Gail Brenner