Chasing Mikhaila

Mikhaila wanted to stop using drugs

One of the ironies of Mikhaila dying of an overdose is that just a few weeks prior to her death, she and I had a conversation in which she shared with me, and more importantly admitted to herself, that she was addicted to prescription drugs and needed help. In the last two weeks of her life she took important steps to change her life; she severed a dysfunctional long-term relationship with a controlling, self-serving boy who is also an addict, and moved out of his parent’s house where they were staying. She began attending recovery meetings at a local church, and from what the meeting leader tells me (Hi Stacy!), Mikhaila was very motivated to begin her journey toward sobriety. She was actively look for a job, and was looking forward to enrolling in school in the upcoming semester.

She told me that she just didn’t want to live how she was living anymore. She felt as if time was slipping away…

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