You May Know Our Next Guest From Blockbusters Like: “Burglary Surveillance Video”…

I was humbled yesterday when I was  invited to a local recovery group as a guest speaker to speak about my experience with addiction, sobriety, and the loss of  Mikhaila.  I was a bit surprised at first because I don’t feel particularly qualified to counsel anyone about how to cope with any kind of adversity in life.  I often wonder myself  how I have gotten through some difficult times in my life, and to this day, I continue to struggle with certain aspects of my past….I see a therapist for crying out loud! 🙂

I guess there are two types of smarts; book smarts and streets smarts.  I would rather be guided by someone that has personal experience with what I’m struggling with, rather than by someone that has read a bunch of books on the matter (although I’ll take the book smart person if the street smart guy cancels).

It’s an exciting opportunity to encourage others through a difficult time in their lives.


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