I feel the same now as I did back then…

Chasing Mikhaila

Focus on LOVE, not HATE. FEAR begets HATE, and HATE begets ANGER.

I know exactly who peddled drugs to Mikhaila, even on the night that she died, and who was in the same room with her the night that she overdosed. I know who encouraged her to use the drugs, who accompanied her to get the drugs, and who used the drugs with her. I know who neglected her, who abused her, who took advantage of her, and who mistreated her. I know their names and I know where they live. I have spoken to some over the phone, I have communicated with others through email or chat, I’ve even met with a few in person, face to face, at their homes, and have had the opportunity to share with them my thoughts about them personally, and about the situation as a whole.

In light of this, I could spend…

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