New Poll! – Addiction: Choice or Disease?


3 thoughts on “New Poll! – Addiction: Choice or Disease?

  1. I see what drugs do to children because their parents choose drugs over their children. To be honest I cannot stand drug addicts. These people do awful things to their children and it disgusts me; however, I now see it as a disease and without help it is fatal. Wouldn’t you treat cancer or diabetes? Wouldn’t you find help for a loved one? This is also a sickness.

    • Good point Yo. Maybe if we started putting more resources in prevention and treatment instead of punitive efforts like we currently do we could make a greater impact than we have in the last 40 years since we started this “war on drugs”.

  2. I remember when I first got clean. I thought the term disease was a cop out for any addict tryin to not face the music. After some time in the program of n.a a.a and c.a I have learned otherwise. I wish every suffering addict would eventually stumble into the rooms and give it a shot to the best of their willingness to try and return from a hopeless state of mind and body. For those who do make it and stay I am eternity grateful and am happy when I get to meet them. I am very sorry about your daughter, I knew her. Not the best but I did know her and it was a shock to hear the news. I hope you are doing okay with the life after death situation. I know its hard but for me acceptance and acknowledging that in the end it wasn’t my fault was what helped me learn and be able to live through the months after and have a successful happy life today.

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