Who is Mikhaila?


Just a few of the messages I have received from friends that love Mikhaila…

“One time she went to the kingsoopers that was just built with our friend cory and they opened a package of cookies and ate A cookie and got a 200 dollar fine. lol always laughed at her for that one.” -M.R.M.

“She was the sweetest friend, always so understanding.” -M.D.

“When she walked into any room, she just brought this feel of warmth and happiness with her. You knew as soon as she was coming because you could hear her adorable laugh… She just was a pure soul 🙂 always smiling, always positive, always lighting up everyone else’s day that she came into contact with. You can see that by the reactions this has brought with it. KIIt just felt like no matter what happened on any given day, she found a way to find peace with it and still walk around smiling.” – C.H.

“She was and still is such an amazing girl. She always made us smile. I remember her laugh so well, every time she would laugh everyone in the room would light up.” – M.W.

“She was kind hearted, and beautiful. She turned into one of the best friends i could ever ask for. She was always around to help me even when she needed my help more than i needed hers. She was bright and intelligent, but she was so lost.” – G.C.

“She was really insecure, i never understood why. she was so beautiful and it was impossible to convice her other wise. everyone thought she was the prettiest thing, and her personality made her even prettier. we knew she wasnt always happy but she still smiled and laughed and made everyone else around her see the light in life.” -M.D.

“her laugh ♥ she would always laugh at something i would say and I never knew what i would say that would make her laugh but i would start laughing cause her laugh was one of a kind and you would always start laughing after her.” -M.D.

“She was a sneaky one. she always gave me a chicken sandwich at legacy cause my parents didnt always give me money for food. so she would either buy it with lances money or just take it lol.” -M.R.M.

“She was a very strong willed and strong opininated person but liked to be around people that would challenge that. I think she was strong willed to a fault though. She was soo beautiful. From her laugh to her smile and how she lit up a room. When she had a problem with you she let you know but she never stayed mad. She was just the perfect person. In all honesty. She was someone you always wanted to be around.” -E.F.

“She was a well rounded person. She liked to be different to stand out and to be constantly with people she was always a social animal. And she definitely came out of her shell and grew into her own. Anything that could make her different she would try.” -E.F.


2 thoughts on “Who is Mikhaila?

    • lol..luv all of these except the one about how funny it was she stole a single cookie..got nabbed from King Soopers for a year…yeah no fun..:) I had to be the one who paid that $200 fine..then take her butt to do community service..all the way in Denver! oh my never a dull moment thats for sure…miss u mimi….<3

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