How current laws enable your child to continue abusing drugs

Here is a scenario for you to consider:

Against your advice and better judgement, your eighteen year old daughter moves in with her boyfriend to his parent’s house.  Within a short time, you see that she is losing weight and notice dark bags under her eyes.  Her visits become less frequent and she calls less often.  You realize that the times she does decide to visit, things come up missing; your digital camera on one occasion, your cell phone on another, and most recently your diamond anniversary band.  She denies using drugs, but to your horror her best friend confides in you and confirms what you’ve suspected all along.

For the the past year your child has been abusing and is addicted to prescription pills.  She spends her days with her boyfriend in the basement crushing up and snorting OxyCodine and OxyContin, and smoking Xanax pills on strips of aluminum foil.  You confront her and she admits using drugs in the past but assures you she has stopped and has everything under control.  Her boyfriend’s parents are in denial and refuse to answer your calls or open the door.  Soon after your daughter stops contacting you as well.  The police won’t do anything without evidence that a crime has been committed.  She is not thinking clearly, not her normal self, unable to make sound decisions, and is killing herself right in front of you…

What can you do at this point to save your child from this scenario and the misery of a self induced unintentional drug over dose?


Find out why currently there is nothing you can do, and learn about a mother trying to change this from this FORBES article:

Grieving Mom Lobbies for Mandatory Drug Rehab – FORBES

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